• Today we want to talk about food once again - more specifically food waste. We have touched on this topic in a previous blog post and a lot of you seemed to find it really helpful so today we wanted to take it one step further and talk about how you can turn leftover food scraps, that you might n... View Post
  • Your hair is the crown you never take off so why not take good care of it and make it look as beautiful as possible? One way of doing that is by using a wooden hairbrush or comb instead of one made from plastic (or metal, God forbid!). In this post, we will break down to you what benefits there a... View Post
  • DIY gift wrapping // furoshiki

    Do you dream of a waste-free holiday season or a Christmas eve/morning that won't leave you with trash bags full of crumpled wrapping paper that can't be recycled? If that's the case, then keep on reading!      Every year the US alone wastes 40 million pounds of gift wrapping paper and 38 milli... View Post
  • Ways to reduce food waste

    Every year, one third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted or lost - either before or during harvest, in transportation or after it has been bought by a consumer. ONE THIRD - that equals about 1.3 billion tonnes! While most food waste occurs way before the food reaches the superm... View Post
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    Are you a guy trying to find your way through the jungle of sustainable opportunities or simply looking for inspiration for your next swap to a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Then keep reading! Several studies show that when it comes to being environmentally conscious, there is a big gap between me... View Post