Sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days. Lots and lots of people are striving to make more eco-conscious decisions and you might as well! Even though you really do want to help change the world, it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing to figure out where to start but don’t worry - Pureosophy's got your back!
Here is a list of small changes you can make if you are looking for some inspiration on where to start.
1. Get yourself a bamboo toothbrush
A few years ago, the majority of toothbrushes were made from plastic but today, the bamboo toothbrush has (thankfully) been introduced! 
Most of us will replace around 300 toothbrushes during our lifetime, so imagine how much plastic waste we could avoid if everyone stopped using plastic toothbrushes and started using bamboo ones. It may seem like a small thing to do but who knows? You might inspire your family and friends to do the same!
Get your first, second or maybe twentieth bamboo toothbrush right here.
2. Use solid soap
The soap you wash your hands, you hair and your face in really doesn't have to be plastic wrapped which is why we offer palm oil free, vegan, SLS free and all natural soap and shampoo bars without plastic packaging on our online store. Choosing bar soap over liquid soap can also save you up to 6 times the amount you use!
Let it dry between uses by storing it on our handmade teak wood soap dish.
3. Bring cutlery to avoid single use plastics
If you (like us) sometimes order food on-the-go on busy days, you need to own a reusable cutlery set to avoid using single use plastic for eating your food. We’ve made it easy for you with a lightweight cutlery set made of bamboo that comes in a handy cotton pouch so it's easy to grab and throw in your bag or take with you when traveling!
4. Redefine self-care
Many people go shopping for new clothes, a bouquet of flowers or a nice lotion when they want to treat themselves so we encourage you to switch up the mindset - you could go for a walk with your favorite music in your headphones, meet up with a good friend or maybe DIY some self care products for the perfect spa day.
What do you do to treat yourself? Maybe you could treat the earth at the same time... 
5. Bring a reusable coffee cup
If you enjoy a to-go-coffee or other hot beverages every now and then, you should definitely get a reusable coffee cup. You don’t even have to go out and buy one - you can simply bring a mug from your cupboard or even use an old jam jar  (they already have their own lid!)
If you are worried that the barista will laugh at you, we are almost sure that he or she won’t. Remember that most people want to take good care of Mother Earth, so even if it takes a little explanation at the coffee shop it will be all worth it.
6. Bring a reusable water bottle
Okay, okay, we get it. Your bag is just about filled with reusable stuff by now, BUT why spend money buying bottled water that is wrapped in plastic when you can simply bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up along the way?
If you don’t already own a reusable water bottle, our stainless steel bottles will not only save you from a lot of waste but also keep your water cold for 24 hours!
7. Buy thrifted clothes
The fashion industry  is one of the most polluting industries in the world so an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy thrifted clothes. When you buy clothes that has already been bought once, nothing new is produced AND you pay less - what's not to like? If you aren't inspired by the selection in your local thrift shop there are countless online alternatives to explore.
We also highly encourage you to donate or sell the clothes that you don't use anymore instead of throwing it out to lower your own waste.
8. Clean your house the clean way
Having natural cleaning products is the key to a healthy home and you can actually make your own without much effort - keep an eye on our blog for that! Hot water, a soap bar and a coconut scrubber can also do the trick in many cases. 
9. Say no to plastic straws (or use a reusable one)
If you’re the kind of person that couldn't care less about whether there’s a straw or not in your drink, why not make it a habit to decline straws whenever you buy a beverage? If you on the other hand prefer sipping your drinks through a straw, you can get reusable ones like our stainless steel straws to carry with you.
Bonus: They are also way more Instagram worthy than ugly plastic straws - win win!
10. Say goodbye to plastic bags
You’ve probably heard this one before, but bringing a reusable bag whenever you go shopping will make a huge difference as you avoid carrying your groceries etc home in single use plastic.
You've maybe already made this a habit so the next step could be to bring reusable produce bags made of cotton to your local super market and spend a little extra time figuring out what kinds of fruits and vegetables you can get unpackaged. 
Remember that you don’t have to do everything at the same time and we can assure that once you get the hang of it, the small steps toward a more sustainable everyday life will walk themselves. 

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