7 apps for sustainable living

Most people own a smartphone these days and we might not be the only ones who spend a little more time on them than we want to admit so we figured, why not use our phones to help us live more sustainably? Here you have our list of seven apps we think you should download to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 
1. Ecosia
Ecosia is a search engine just like google and yahoo except for this one major difference: Every time you search for something on Ecosia, they invest money in a tree-planting charity. They  work as closely with the people who plant the trees as possible to make  sure the trees are planted sustainably and every step in the process is kept transparent. Not only does Ecosia fight deforestation - their tree planting projects also  lift people out of poverty by giving them a stable income while also helping to create/maintain a habitat for endangered animal species around the world. So  by simply using Ecosia, you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, provide employment, education and economic stability.
2. Too good to go
Too Good To Go is the perfect app for combatting food waste if you live in one of the 11 European countries where the app is currently available. Any restaurant, café, food-truck, supermarket or hotel can register their surplus food in the app for the users to buy at a favorable price. Instead of throwing out delicious food, the companies earn an extra buck and you get a cheap meal, all while  contributing to a greener planet - it's a win-win! 
The app Olio has a similar concept and  is available in 49 countries, but this app is better know for sharing food between individuals rather than companies offering meals which means you can post your own surplus food so people near you can pick it up and enjoy! 
3. Tap
Tap is basically a map of places where you can refill your water bottle for free so you don’t have to walk around thirsty when you're on-the-go or travelling if you, like us, made the decision to not buy plastic water bottles. Another app that gets the same job done is Refill so we recommend you try to download them both to see what app you prefer. 
4. Trendsales / Thred up / Bunz / Depop / Poshmark
As mentioned in our first blogpost, buying second hand is one of the best ways to reduce your own carbon footprint. Having said that, the acces to good physical second hand shops is not given or maybe the selection your local ones offer doesn't suit your personal style. That is where these apps come in handy - they are all online thrift stores where you can sell or buy used clothing or interior items and have them sent right to your door. Find out which one is working in your area and get started! 
5. Zero Waste Home 
Bea Johnson, a zero waste frontrunner, has made it easy for you to figure out where you can acces unpackaged groceries in your local area. Zero Waste Home is not an actual app you can download but an online app. You simply enter the site, search for your location and voila: now you know where you can shop food in bulk or without packaging near you. Remember that there are probably many more shops with a bulk section or similar that have not been added to her list so if you find one, you can easily add it to the map yourself! 
6. Flixbus
Travelling by plane is one of the worst things you can do in terms of environmental impact but luckily there are many alternative ways to discover other countries these days. If you live in Europe or the US, Flixbus is a great way to travel across boarders or in your own country at a very low cost. You simply book your ticket in the app and show it as you enter the bus. While purchasing your ticket, you can choose to pay a little extra to climate compensate for your trip.
Travelling by bus does, of course, take longer than going by plane but watching the landscapes change through a bus window while you have (almost) unlimited time to bury your nose in your favorite book or call all the people you haven’t talked to for way to long is truly an enjoyable part of the journey as well.
7. Instagram & Pinterest
We bet that you're familiar with Instagram and Pinterest and while we know they aren't particularly promoting sustainability themselves, we wanted include them in this post as you can explore endless inspirational accounts and posts on the two platforms. Try searching for #sustainability or #zerowaste and get ready to be inspired! You can start by taking a look at our Instagram page @pureosophy where we share tips and tricks for a more sustainable everyday life. 
We hope you found our list of apps that can help you become more sustainable helpful! Let us know in the comments if you use any of the apps or if you know an awesome app that we missed!

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