Your hair is the crown you never take off so why not take good care of it and make it look as beautiful as possible? One way of doing that is by using a wooden hairbrush or comb instead of one made from plastic (or metal, God forbid!).

In this post, we will break down to you what benefits there are to using a wooden brush or comb for your hair - besides saving the planet from plastic!



1. Creates no static

We may all remember how fun it was to play with static electricity in our hair as kids but the reality is that it can actually cause a lot of damage on your hair. Hairbrushes made from plastic tend to increase the electrical charge of your hair and make it all frizzy after brushing. Using a wooden variation will help you avoid that problem as it barely produces any static - goodbye to annoying flyaways and damaged hair!


2. Works as a natural conditioner 

Wooden fibers work as a natural conditioner on your hair - amazing, right!? The fibers distribute your hair's natural oils (sebum) all the way to the ends and make your hair look and feel soft and moisturized with a natural shine. 


3. Prevents breakage

Because the wooden pins on our brushes and combs are softer (yes that's correct - wood is softer than plastic) and placed wider apart than most plastic brushes, they glide through the hair with ease. That's a huge benefit when it comes to detangling and you will notice a lot less breakage and hairs falling off!


4. Massages the scalp

The key to strong and healthy hair is to take care of your scalp.

Wooden brushes are amazing for treating yourself with a mini scalp massage as the pins are rounded and smooth. The gentle pins prevent the brush from scraping and brushing your scalp too hard like plastic and metal brushes tend to.

Massaging the scalp also helps stimulate blood flow which transports oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicles, eventually leading to stronger and faster-growing hair!




Do your hair a favor and switch to a wooden hairbrush next time you are on the hunt for a new hair tool - you won't regret it!

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