DIY gift wrapping // furoshiki

Do you dream of a waste-free holiday season or a Christmas eve/morning that won't leave you with trash bags full of crumpled wrapping paper that can't be recycled? If that's the case, then keep on reading!  


Every year the US alone wastes 40 million pounds of gift wrapping paper and 38 million miles of ribbon - imagine how much waste that is worldwide?! Luckily, there are so many beautiful ways to wrap gifts using sustainable materials to lower these crazy numbers - one of them being furoshiki. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese gift wrapping cloth that can be used over and over again. You can use almost any piece of fabric you already have or take a trip to your local thrift store to find a couple of cute secondhand scarves or fabric pieces that can easily be turned into furoshiki cloths.


We think this method is one of the prettiest ways to wrap gifts and it can be used to wrap any gift no matter what shape it has! To make it easy for you to learn how to do, we've made a short video-tutorial showing you how to wrap a gift in less than a minute using a furoshiki cloth! You can choose to add whatever decoration you like or leave it as it is - either way is beautiful! 



If you have gifts to wrap this holiday season, we definitely recommend trying out furoshiki instead of wrapping paper. Let us know in the comments below how you wrap your gifts in a more sustainable way!


Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season!

All the best, pureosophy •


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