So you have started to live more eco-friendly but you find that your friends and family don’t really get it... Maybe they are even a bit judgy or not exactly supportive of your new lifestyle. We get it, we've been in those situations as well, and it can be frustrating when the people close to you aren't focused on protecting the planet in the same way as you are.

We can't control the people around us, but we can help them understand and hopefully adopt some of our eco-friendly habits. Keep reading for our tips on how to inspire your friends and family to live a more sustainable lifestyle!



1. Lead by example

Our actions have far more influence than we realize, so one of the absolute best ways to inspire others to live more sustainably is to lead by example. Once you start practicing your sustainable habits around family and friends,  they will most likely start to gain interest, ask questions and slowly implement sustainable habits themselves! 


2. Talk about your 'why'

Explaining why sustainability is important to you will help your family and friends to understand why you choose to do as you do. You don't claim what's right and what's wrong, but you simply explain what feels right and wrong to you. This is an amazing way to start a conversation and your points might plant a seed in people's minds, which can lead to small or big changes down the line.


3. Gift sustainably

A great way to encourage loved ones to become more eco-friendly is by gifting them sustainable products for their birthday or Christmas. Start with something that's easy for them to implement in their current routines like a reusable stainless steel bottle or a good quality wooden hairbrush. We are pretty sure that anyone (eco-minded or not) would love to receive those gifts and Mother Earth will thank you for it as well!


4. Don't point out their "flaws"

This one is important! No one likes to get criticized for what they do or the choices they make, so try to avoid pointing out the things people are doing "wrong" in regards to sustainability - even if you have good intentions.

Commenting negatively on their current habits can make them want to distance themselves even more from the lifestyle, and since you are reading this blog post, we assume that that is not what you want ;) Instead of pointing out all the "bad" things, try and make positive comments and celebrate when they do something "good" - even the smallest things. When people feel good about their actions, they’re way more likely to keep doing them. Remember, it’s a journey and sometimes people need to find their own way and come to their own conclusions.


5. Debunk myths

Even though sustainable living has become a lot more common over the past couple few years, there are still lots of people who have misconceptions about the lifestyle or the people who choose to live a bit more green. 

Talking with your friends and family about the misconceptions they might have is a great opportunity to debunk any myths. They might walk around thinking that eco-friendly living is expensive, difficult, only a lifestyle for "hippies" (nothing wrong with preferring the hippie way of life!) or that they are too small to make a difference - and none of these things have to be true.




Sustainable living is for everyone and if you are open to answer a couple of questions and have a conversation about it every now and again, we strongly believe that you can inspire your friends and family to join you on your journey!


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