Plastic-free foodie gift set // limited edition

  • €59,99
The perfect gift set for the foodie in your life or for someone who simply needs a plastic-free upgrade in the kitchen!

We have put together a set of 10 reusable bags to help you say goodbye to plastic bags for good when grocery shopping, storing food at home and bringing snacks and meals on-the-go. 

The gift set comes beautifully wrapped in sustainable wrapping paper made from recycled paper and ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles.

The plastic-free foodie gift set includes:

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Organic cotton bags
  • Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Silicone food bags
  • Material: 100% FDA approved food-grade silicone (bag) and 100% BPA-free plastic (slider)
We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible so we always do our best to work with manufacturers who produce our products close to where the raw material is sourced to save transportation. This is why our products are made in many different countries.