• Wool dryer balls // 6 pcs - pureosophy
  • Wool dryer balls // 6 pcs - pureosophy

Wool dryer balls // 6 pcs

  • €17,99
Add our hand-felted wool dryer balls to your tumble dryer together with your wet laundry to help reduce drying time, static cling and wrinkles while also softening your laundry in a natural and chemical-free way.

Adding a subtle scent to your laundry can easily be done by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the dryer balls before using them or at the end of the drying time.

Our wool dryer balls are safe for people with sensitive skin and babies and will last for over 1000 loads.
  • Dryer balls: 100% pure New Zealand wool
  • Bag: 100% natural and unbleached cotton
  • Each ball is 7.5 cm (2.95 in) in circumference and weighs 58 grams (2 oz)
We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible so we always do our best to work with manufacturers who produce our products close to where the raw material is sourced to save transportation. This is why our products are made in many different countries.