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Hi there - great to have you here!
My name is Lea and I am the founder of pureosophy
My inspiration for opening an online store focusing on zero-waste and eco-friendly products came after an incredible trip to Bali. While I was there, I noticed how a lot of cafés and coffee shops had swapped their conventional plastic straws for biodegradable or reusable straws and how clothing shops had swapped plastic bags for other alternatives. At the same time, Bali is an island with huge waste problems and the contrast made a huge impact on me.
I had been aware of my own use of plastic and amount of waste for a long time, but after I returned back home, I felt inspired to attempt to make a bigger difference - and that was when pureosophy was born.
Our mission is to make it easier for you to choose and buy reusable products to minimize the huge amount of waste and plastic that ends up in landfill and the ocean every year. We believe that you can make a difference - small steps matter too!