How to care for your reusable beeswax wraps

Washing instructions
Wash your beeswax wraps with cool water and gentle soap and let air dry. 
If your wrap is only lightly used, you can wipe it with a wet dishcloth and dry. 
How long do my beeswax wraps last?
With proper care, your beeswax wraps will last up to a year. Stains and creases may appear over time, but these won’t affect the way your wraps work. When you feel like your wraps are  significantly less waxy and have reached the end of their life, you can add them to your compost and they will biodegrade. 
Can I use the wraps in the freezer? 
Yes, you can! Wrap the food in your beeswax wrap and pop it in the freezer for a maximum of about 3 weeks. Allow the beeswax wrap to adjust to room temperature before unwrapping.
How can beeswax wraps keep my food fresh longer?
Beeswax wraps and jojoba oil have anti-bacterial properties which help to keep your food fresh for much longer than cling film. 
Is there any foods I cannot use the wraps for?
We don't recommend that you use our beeswax wraps for raw meat, chicken and fish as they can't be washed in hot water. Also avoid direct contact with pineapple - use it to cover a bowl with diced pineapple instead.
How should I store my beeswax wraps?
You can store your beeswax wraps in a drawer or where you like. Simply make sure to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature spots.
Can my beeswax wraps be heated?

Our beeswax wraps are not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave, oven, direct heat or high temperatures. Therefore you should always allow your food to cool slightly before using the wraps.